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Data Stewardship Agreements
The rapid evolution in networking technologies continually raises legal and ethical questions. CAIDA seeks to make transparent our role, goals, and specific data collection, use and disclosure activities. Below is a list of the various policies and agreements that govern our relationships with entities that host our data collection infrastructure, access and use our data and resources, or are otherwise relevant to our network measurement and data stewardship activities.

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CAIDA Data Stewardship Agreements

CAIDA staff/visitor Data and Resource Agreements

Former Agreements (No Longer Active)

On June 30, 2006, National Science Foundation funding for the National Laboratory for Advanced Network Research (NLANR) project expired and NLANR officially ended. In July 2006, CAIDA assumed operational stewardship for the NLANR machines and data. CAIDA used the following AUPs in incorporating former NLANR infrastructure into CAIDA's ongoing data collection activities:

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