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CAIDA Sponsorship Information

CAIDA welcomes sponsors! Join the existing list of sponsors, members, and affiliates at CAIDA.

This page provides general information on sponsorship levels and benefits. If interested, please email for more information.

CAIDA generally considers three levels of sponsorship: Affiliate, Member, and Sponsor. Typical two-year agreements are described below, but terms, cost and benefits are negotiable.

access to select Internet data collected by CAIDAyesyesyes
early access to CAIDA publicationsyesyesyes
participate in select research effortsyesyesyes
request assistance of CAIDA personnel in research effortsyesyesyes
request CAIDA personnel for speaking engagementsyesyesyes
send one attendee to a select CAIDA workshopyesyesyes
send one participant to any CAIDA workshopyesyes
send multiple participants to any CAIDA workshopyes

Annual cost$7,500$25,000$100,000
  1. Affiliate -- $15,000 ($7,500 annually)
    • Affiliates are entitled to the following benefits:
    • Affiliates may participate in select research efforts and traffic measurement activities that are part of the CAIDA Program Plan. Or, conversely, Affiliates can request involvement of CAIDA personnel in the member organization's research efforts, measurement activities, external conference or workshop activities, or speaking engagement. The level and conditions of this participation must be determined and agreed upon in advance.

    Small (fewer than 25 employees) businesses, commercial research and educational organizations, and non-profits may join at the CAIDA affiliate level.

  2. Member -- $50,000 ($25,000 annually)
    • Members receive the Affiliate benefits (see above) plus the ability to send a participant to any CAIDA-sponsored workshop;

    Medium-sized (25-100 employees) companies, international and governmental research and educational organizations, and non-profits may join starting at the Member level to support the rigorous curation and stewardship of Internet data at CAIDA.

  3. Sponsor -- $200,000 ($100,000 annually)
    • Sponsors receive the Member benefits (see above) plus the ability to send participants to any CAIDA-sponsored workshop;

    Large (over 100 employees) companies and organizations may join as Sponsors to support the world-class Internet research at CAIDA.

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