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Spoofer Data API
This page documents the Spoofer Data API.


The CAIDA Spoofer Data API provides a public data interface to the publicly shareable data collected by the Spoofer service.


Users can request data via the URL: whose home page provides information on endpoint syntax and data model.


  • GET /sessions Retrieves the collection of Session resources
  • GET /sessions/{id} Retrieves a Session resource.

Rules of Usage

These are the rules for the usage of the data API:

  • CAIDA places no limit on the amount of requests, however, we ask that you send a message to spoofer-info at caida dot org if you plan to regularly do more than 1000 requests/day.
  • The CAIDA Master Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) terms and conditions apply.

Data Model

The data model contains a unique integer identifier for each session with a timestamp and parameters for read access, the IPv4 client address, the IPv6 client address, the country, NAT4 address, NAT6 address, and information about private and routed addresses.

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