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NSF Workshop, "Report of NSF Workshop on Network Research Testbeds" Oct 2002.
Report of NSF Workshop on Network Research Testbeds
Authors: NSF Workshop
Published: NSF Workshop, 2002
Entry Date: 2003-01-20
  • Discusses the focus, needs, and hardware and software structures for a new generation of network research testbeds - testbeds that will allow for disruptive experimentation with network infrastructure, and that will enable and enhance cutting edge networking and network-application research.
  • Describes a spectrum of research testbed types.
  • Describes past research testbeds.
  • Identifies important issues to be considered when thinking about future network research testbeds.
  • Discusses the broad benefits to networking research of a vibrant testbed program, and considers the following specific research areas:
    • Network Measurement and Characterization
    • Dynamically Extensible Networks
    • Overlay networks
    • Wireless/Mobile Networks
    • Sensor networks
    • Network-security related research
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