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A. Slagell, K. Lakkaraju, and K. Luo, "FLAIM: A Multi-level Anonymization Framework for Computer and Network Logs", in USENIX LISA, dec 2006.
FLAIM: A Multi-level Anonymization Framework for Computer and Network Logs
Authors: A. Slagell
K. Lakkaraju
K. Luo
Published: USENIX LISA, 2006
ENTRY DATE: 2008-06-16
ABSTRACT: FLAIM (Framework for Log Anonymization and Information Management) addresses two important needs not well addressed by current log anonymizers. First, it is extremely modular and not tied to the specific log being anonymized. Second, it supports multi-level anonymization, allowing system administrators to make fine-grained trade-offs between information loss and privacy/security concerns. In this paper, we examine anonymization solutions to date and note the above limitations in each. We further describe how FLAIM addresses these problems, and we describe FLAIM's architecture and features in detail.
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