Bradley Huffaker

Bradley serves as technical manager for several tool development and Internet visualization efforts at CAIDA. See also Bradley's homepage.
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Bradley Huffaker
Phone:(858) 822-0932


Bradley is currently technical lead focusing on efforts to develop analytical techniques suitable for gaining insight on the configuration, evolution, and occurrence of network events in large network topologies.

Bradley graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and a master’s degree in Computer Science from UCSD.

Latest Publications

Paper icon PacketLab - Tools Alpha Release and Demo. T. Yan, Y. Chen, A. Chen, Z. Zhang, B. Huffaker, R. Mok, K. Levchenko, k. claffy.
ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) Poster, Oct 2022.
Paper icon IRR Hygiene in the RPKI Era. B. Du, G. Akiwate, T. Krenc, C. Testart, A. Marder, B. Huffaker, A. Snoeren, k. claffy.
Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), Mar 2022.
Paper icon Quantifying Nations’ Exposure to Traffic Observation and Selective Tampering. A. Gamero-Garrido, E. Carisimo, S. Hao, B. Huffaker, A. Snoeren, A. Dainotti.
Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), Mar 2022.
Paper icon Learning to Extract Geographic Information from Internet Router Hostnames. M. Luckie, B. Huffaker, A. Marder, Z. Bischof, M. Fletcher, k. claffy.
ACM SIGCOMM Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), Dec 2021.
Paper icon Learning Regexes to Extract Network Names from Hostnames. M. Luckie, A. Marder, B. Huffaker, k. claffy.
Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC), Dec 2021.
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