Shivani Hariprasad

Shivani joined CAIDA in 2023 as a Graduate Student Researcher pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science.

Accomplishments during her time at CAIDA:

  • launched a global measurement pipeline automating ping experiments from 38 GCP and 36 Azure regions to all Internet router IP addresses, and aggregated results centrally to deduce host names of various domains applying CAIDA’s Hoiho tool
  • developed Terraform scripts to automate VPC, instance, security group creation, custom script execution on GCP and Azure
  • automated mining of IXP router server data to uncover hidden IXP peering links and construct a Autonomous System topology
  • developed BigQuery queries in Go to analyze Comcast and AT&T network speed tests and traceroutes data, generating statistics for NDT server connections to assess router-client connections by service provider.
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Contact Information

Shivani Hariprasad


Previously, Shivani worked as a software development engineer for McAfee/Trellix, in their enterprise division, on a product called Trellix(or McAfee) ePolicy Orchestrator.

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