Passive Monitor: ampath-oc12

AMPATH is a high performance International Exchange Point in Miami, Florida which facilitates peering for and network research on Internet links between U.S. and international research and education (R&E) networks.

For the listing of CAIDA's active data and passive data monitors, see the CAIDA Data Monitors page.

The AMPATH OC12 passive monitor ( ampath-oc12 ) was originally installed as part of the NLANR PMA infrastructure. When the NLANR PMA project ended in 2006, CAIDA became responsible for deployed NLANR monitors. The AMPATH monitor taps 2 directions of an OC12c link with ATM/AAL5 framing. The South and Central American networks connected to AMPATH via this link are:

Realtime traffic reporting for this monitor began on Februari 21, 2007 and ended March 18, 2008. Reports were available at

AMPATH participated in the 2007 Day in the Life of the Internet (DITL) Internet traffic data collection event. For more information about AMPATH 2007 DITL data, see the Anonymized 2007 Internet Traces dataset.

As of March 18 2008, the monitoring infrastructure is inactive. At some point in the near future, this link may be replaced by an OC48 link, rendering the current monitoring infrastructure obsolete.

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