UCSD Network Telescope -- Witty Worm Dataset

The Dataset on the Witty Worm

This dataset contains information useful for studying the spread of the Witty worm. The dataset is divided into two portions: a publicly available set of files that contain summarized information that does not individually identify infected computers, and a restricted-access set of files that do contain more sensitive information, including packet traces containing complete IP and UDP headers and partial payload received from hosts spreading the Witty worm.

Data included in the Witty Dataset:

  • distribution of start and end times of witty-infected computers
  • distribution of durations witty-infected computers were observed to be transmitting the worm
  • country distribution of witty-infected computers
  • estimated connection types of witty-infected computers
  • RouteViews routing tables for March 20-26 (also available from www.routeviews.org)

  • summaries of the start and end times each witty-infected computer was observed to be spreading the worm.
  • summaries of the duration each witty-infected computer was observed to be transmitting the worm
  • the country each witty-infected computer is estimated to be in
  • the hostname of each witty-infected computer as of March 24, 2004
  • a table with the start and end times of each hosts's activity with packet and byte traffic volumes
  • packet traces containing Witty worm traffic monitored by the UCSD Network Telescope between Fri Mar 19 20:01:40 PST 2004 and Wed Mar 24 23:01:40 PST 2004.

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The CAIDA UCSD Dataset on the Witty Worm - March 19-24, 2004,
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    For more information on the Witty worm, see:

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