Lost in Space: Supplemental: Country Inequality (Interactive)

Supplemental data for "Lost in Space: Improving Inference of IPv4 Address Space Utilization".

Interactive visualization that compares address space assigned to countries to per-country population and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We observe notable disparities between used /24s and population. For example, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and Germany have 25%, 1.45%, 3.52%, 2.06% and 4.11% of the used /24s, but only 4.44%, 0.31%, 0.89%, 0.49% and 1.13%, respectively, of the population. In contrast, African and Asian countries have 16% and 59% of the population, but only 1.8% and 32%, respectively, of the used /24s. Nevertheless, the per-country used /24s correlate much better with the distribution of GDP (0.960 correlation), than with population (0.517 correlation), suggesting that economic inequalities could explain the differences in the used /24s.

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