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NetGeo - Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: NetGeo has not been actively maintained since 1999, and this will probably not change in the foreseeable future. As a result, there are several known major issues affecting accuracy and service availability. Please be warned that NetGeo may give wildly incorrect results, especially for recently allocated or re-assigned IP addresses.

Also, domain-name lookups are no longer supported.

NetGeo Licensing

NetGeo technology has been licensed to Ixia, who markets a geographic location product called IxMapping (no longer available). Ixia's IxMapping services is designed to assist Internet content providers, e-commerce firms, ISPs, and others to track the geographic location of Internet users, destination servers, and provider hardware.

Companies interested in obtaining information on Ixia's IxMapping should contact for a relevant, similar tool.

We hope to be able to continue making access to enhanced versions of NetGeo freely available to the research community for their use in Internet studies and the development of related visualization tools.

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