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Source Code (Plankton)

Source Code

Source file Description
makefile Makefile used to compile this code. The Main driver. Provides compunication between diffrent classes. Provides a dialog box for selecting files from a URL that points to directory. Used by FileDialog (native class) to filter files other then .fvl files. A pop up window that provides the interface to selecting nodes by their machine and IP address. The pull-down menu which is used to interact with the program. Used to auto format the nodes. Uses a breadth first alogrithm A pop up window which provides useful information to users Handles the net IO for downloading files. Creates the interface that the IOHandler uses to communicate with Plankton. Draws the nodes and links. Handles mouse events that interact with them.
11/13/98 : Fixed a bug which prevented nodes from being moved with the mouse. Holds all the data about each link. Holds all the data about each Node. A linked list that holds both the Nodes and Links as DisplayObjects. The base class for both Node and Link and provides a common interface to those methods and values they share. Draws the status bar at the bottom of the Display.
plankton.tar A tar file of the above files and a sample data file.

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