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The RouterToAsAssignment tool assigns Autonomous System (AS) ownership for each router in a router graph. This tool uses the router-AS assignment techniques described in our PAM 2010 paper.


The RouterToAsAssignment tool assigns each router from a router-level graph of the Internet to the Autonomous System (AS) that owns that router. We presented our router-AS assignment techniques in our PAM 2010 paper. The RouterToAsAssignment code takes as input a router-level topology of the format described in our Macroscopic Internet Topology Data Kit. For each router in the dataset, RouterToAsAssignment infers the AS (from among the ASes that have interfaces on that router) that owns that router. RouterToAsAssignment uses the Election+Degree heuristic to assign routers to ASes.

RouterToAsAssignment produces an output file with the following format.
  node.AS <node_id>   <AS>   <method>  
For each assigment in the file, the fields indicate the inferrence of the router node_id as owned/operated by AS using method. Method contains either:single, election, or election+degree. Single if the router has interfaces corresponding to a single AS. Election when two or more ASes have interfaces on the router and one has more than the others. Election+Degree when two or more ASes have interfaces on the router and no AS has the majority.

Status of RouterToAsAssignment

Current Release:    0.2
Release Date:    June 8, 2010


Send email to if you have problems, questions, or comments about the code.

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