DNS project - Year 1 Goals

Year 1 of the NSF sponsored CAIDA DNS project was from September 15, 2004 till August 31, 2005.

Sponsored by:
National Science Foundation (NSF)

Principal Investigator: kc claffy

Funding source:  OAC-0427144 Period of performance: September 15, 2004 - August 31, 2009.

Operational characterization of DNS
Category Task Lead Estimated
Completion Date
nodes software status
CAIDA/ISC 7-day delayed web pages of workload 2 global F-root nodes Duane Wessels April 2005 dsc  
    TLD server Duane Wessels TBD dsc  
CAIDA/ISC Capturing two months of data from a root server F, M, C roots Duane Wessels for data collection
Paul Vixie for involving OARC members
May 2005 tcpdump  
CAIDA/ISC Case studies of client misbehavior F-root Duane Wessels September 2005 dsc, other  
CAIDA Anycast analysis F-root, AS112 Brad Huffaker September 2005 TBD  
CAIDA RFC1918 analysis AS112 Andre Broido March 2005 perl scripts from 2001 paper  
Category Task Lead Estimated
Completion Date
CAIDA/ISC Configuration BCPs Duane Wessels TBD  
ISC RFC1918 applicability statement Paul Vixie July 2005  
CAIDA/ISC "Hall of shame" list to NANOG Duane Wessels April 2005  
CAIDA Research workshop and members meeting kc claffy August 2005  
Improving trust infrastructure for DNS operations community
Category Task Lead Estimated
Completion Date
ISC Software support for Incident Response forum Paul Vixie April 2005 ejabberd, supporting scripts
ISC Support for member-customized mailing list Paul Vixie April 2005 TBD
CAIDA/ISC Formalizing "scalable trust" infrastructure kc claffy,
Paul Vixie
Laboratory experiments
Category Task Lead Estimated
Completion Date
CAIDA/ISC Develop test of CoDNS scalability Duane Wessels July 2005 TBD
CAIDA/ISC Run simulations with DNSSEC Duane Wessels January 2006 (2nd yr)