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Named Data Networking Next Phase (NDN-NP): Project Timeline
Sponsored by:
National Science Foundation (NSF)

The Named Data Networking Next Phase project (NDN-NP) is the next iteration of a collaborative project (one of the three Future Internet Architecture Awards) for the research, development, and testbed deployment of a new Internet architecture that replaces IP with a network layer that routes directly on content names. For more information see and the Named Data Networking Next Phase proposal.

Funding source: NSF CNS-1345286. Period of performance: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2016.

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Timeline for the Proposed Efforts

Network Environment - Open mHealth (UCLA)
Review limitations in current IP-based architecture for Open mHealth needs.Year 1done
Design namespace, repository, trust and communication model for use cases, e.g., diabetes or PTSD treatmentYear 1; updated in Year 2done
Repository implementation providing backing storage for prototype applications.Year 1done
Integrate named data networking into the Ohmage mobile data collection framework.Year 2done
Pilot user-facing application using NDN, for beta testing by Open mHealth project team.Year 2done
Finish and document the NDNFit driver applicationYear 3done
Network Environment - Enterprise Building Automation & Management (UCLA)
Review limitations in current IP-based architecture, for Facilities Management needs.Year 1done
Design NDN namespace, repository, trust and communication model for use cases, such as energy management, new building commissioning, feedback control.Year 1; updated in Year 2done
Implement low-level NDN applications, such as energy management data gathering.Year 1done, done
Preliminary embedded platform support.Year 2done
Integrate "live" UCLA building data into the NDN testbed, mirroring data from 10-20 UCLA buildings.Year 2done
Implement high-level NDN application for enterprise building monitoring, based on the above data, applying distributed 3D visualization work done in the first FIA project.Year 2done
Re-connect the campus data to our Mini-EBAMS testbed, and complete the design, implementation, demonstration, and documentation of approaches to trust, aggregation, access control, and visualization that leverage hierarchical naming of real UCLA building sensors and their data.Year 3done
Demonstrate system integration of IoT devices that use native NDN communication.Year 3done
Application Cluster - Mobile Multimedia (UIUC / UCLA)
Mobile-aware, web-based conferencing based on WebRTC.Year 1done
Design namespace and communication model for peer-to-peer 3D gaming and visualization and one or more vehicle-to-vehicle prototype applications.Year 1in progress, done
File sharing platform, second revision.Year 1done, done
Networked 3D environment demonstration in BAS/BMS and gaming contexts.Year 2done
Design of information-maximizing synchronization, forwarding and caching suitable for mobile applications, and integration into end-to-end vehicle-to-vehicle demonstrations.Year 1; demo in Year 2done
Finalize the NDN team's primary videoconferencing tool: Flume Year 3done, roadmap
Investigate the NDN-based data catalog's applicability to climate and physics communities.Year 3done, done
Investigate integration of the catalog with layer 2 reservation systems Year 3done
Resolve, implement, and document NLSR physical and logical interface discovery Year 3done
Resolve, re-implement, and document NLSR use of sync to retrieve routing updates Year 3done
Evaluating hyperbolic routing in mini-NDN and testbedYear 3done
Library Development for Application-Driven Research (UCLA / Washington University)
Release general-purpose C++ reference library.Year 1done
Java library with mobile support, focused on requirements of Open mHealth environment.Year 1done
Enhanced key generation, signing, publishing, and revocation library support.Year 1done, tutorial
Support for common trust models expressed in namingYear 1done
Framework for encryption-based access control for our specific environments.Year 1done
Preliminary library for embedded devices and port of routing daemon (focus on BAS/BMS needs).Year 2done
Python bindings and/or native support; support for C# bindings and Javascript library.Year 1, Year 2Python, JS
Prototype apache httpd-style server-side publishing support for dynamic web applications.Year 1done
Update trust models based on network environment experienceYear 2in progress, done
Improved autoconfiguration supportYear 3done, done
Congestion controlYear 3done, done
Security (University of Michigan / Colorado State University)
Develop common framework for key management and deploymentYear 1done
Define naming conventions and data formats to assist application developers with trust modelsYear 2done
Implement cross-certifying model (SDSI) to accommodate realistic trust relationshipsYear 2
Develop library and client tools to enable transparent generation, publication, and validation of keysYear 2in progress
Improved automation of certificate management.Year 3done
Data signing and verification based on schematized trust.Year 3done
Encryption/decryption using name-based access control. Year 3done
Routing and Forwarding Strategy (University of Memphis / University of Arizona / UCLA)
Sketch a design for each of the three inter-domain routing approaches and choose the most promising one based on simulation.Year 1NLSR, Hyperbolic Graph Generator/ Hyperbolic Forwarding Scenario/
Design and implement forwarding strategies for local area networks.Year 1done
   - Autoconfig: geolocation-based router selectionYear 2in progress
   - Design readvertiseYear 2done
   - Readvertise end-host routes into NLSRYear 2, Year 3done
Implement chosen routing design and evaluate it using internal testbed at Memphis.Year 2done
Deploy routing protocol on the NDN testbed.Year 2Link State Done, Current Status
   - Localhop scope definitionYear 2done
   - Localhop scope restriction in strategyYear 2done
   - NACK in multicast strategyYear 2done
   - ASF strategy does not check whether out record exists before calculating RTTYear 2done
   - NLSR Developer's Guide.Year 3done
   - NLSR face discovery.Year 3done
Deploying Hyperbolic RoutingYear 2, Year 3done
Geohyperbolic routing.Year 3done
Tools (University of Memphis)
New Mini-NDN features
   - enabled security.Year 3done
   - cluster edition.Year 3done
   - WiFi capability.(proof-of-concept)Year 3done
Porting NLSR to ndnSIM.Year 3
Scalable Forwarding (Washington University)
Integrate scalable FIB, PIT and CS into NDN-curated CCNx code base.Year 1done
Release operational, scalable NDN node prototype in Open Network Lab for external evaluation.Year 1done
Develop initial release of distributed router platform.Year 1done
Release and support distributed NDN node prototype in Open Network Lab for external evaluation.Year 1done
Design and release initial modular strategy layer interface, and exemplar strategies.Year 1done
Design and release revised modular strategy layer interface, and exemplar strategies.Year 2@Patrick
Revise and release distributed router platform code base.Year 2done
Publish study of distributed router evaluation.Year 2
   - Scalable Name-based packet forwarding Year 2done
   - Reliably scalable name prefix lookupYear 2done
   - Scalable pending interest table designYear 2done
Publish study and evaluation of synchronization implementation alternativesYear 2
   - RoundSyncYear 3done
   - Sync SurveyYear 3done
   - Scalable Name-based Sync Year 3done
Education and Outreach (Colorado State University)
Incorporate new NDN material into courses at NDN collaborating institutionsYear 1Zhang (UCLA), Wang (UMemphis), Gersch (CSU)
Publish NDN educational material to encourage integration by other instructorsYear 1,Year 2done, done, done, done
Continue biweekly seminar series on architecture insights; integrate code reviewYear 1,Year 2Held seven seminars
Host two annual community workshopsYear 1,Year 2NDN Comm 2014 | NDN Comm 2015 | NDN Comm 2017
Evaluation (CAIDA / UC San Diego)
Clarify description of architectureYear 1done
Interview representatives of chosen environments for feedback on NDN application usability and responsiveness to our criteriaYear 2done
Survey internal and community users of our cluster of mobile application for feedback on NDN application usability and responsiveness to our criteriaYear 2done
Brainstorm new applications that would be easier to develop given current architectureYear 2done
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