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IPv6 Consumption
This analysis examines the rate of consumption of the IPv6 address space allocated by IANA to the RIRs and ultimately to end users.
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IPv6 Address Space Assignments to RIRs

Although IPv6 allocations have occurred sporadically over the past 6 years, an overwhelming majority (92.5%) of the allocations, in terms of address space coverage, have been made in a surge in the recent 15 months (from May 2004 to the end of the studied period; see Figure 1). This recent acceleration in growth suggests increasing interest in IPv6.

RIPE and APNIC hold the majority (91.2%) of the allocations, with RIPE holding 48.3% of the total 75,264 /32's and APNIC holding 42.9%. ARIN holds 8.2%, and LACNIC holds less than 1% in a single /23 allocation, which is equivalent to 512 /32's, allocated on Nov 1, 2002.

Figure 1. Breakdown by RIR of the global unicast allocations (stacked plot).

Detailed analysis can be found here: IPv6 Address Space Assignments to RIRs

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