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IPv4 BGP Geopolitical Analysis
The worldwide distribution of Internet resources and address space is highly non- uniform. We present an analysis comparing five demographic measures against three measures of Internet resources, stratified by continent with substratification by country. We found that two continents and one country consume a much larger share of Internet resource allocation than predicted by their demographic measures of size.
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  • area - total geographic area (land mass)
  • population - total population
  • GDP - Gross Domestic Product
  • telephones - primary telephone lines in use
  • ISPs - Internet Service Providers, companies that provide Internet connectivity for their customers
  • ASes - autonomous systems, the units of router policy (either single networks or groups of networks) representing a single administrative entity and controlled by a common network administration. The Internet is a collection of ASes.
  • prefixes - slices of Internet address space which can be independently routed
  • addresses - the absolute number of addresses that are inside of a country's set of prefixes




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    This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers 9996248 and 9211092.

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