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NeTraMet Distribution

NeTraMet is an open-source (GPL) implementation of the RTFM architecture, developed and supported by Nevil Brownlee at the University of Auckland.

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NeTraMet Distribution Files

download NeTraMet distribution files

  • NeTraMet, an RTFM meter which runs on a Unix or a DOS host, observing packets on the host's interfaces
  • NetFlowMet, a Unix meter which reads NetFlow data from one or more Cisco routers instead of observing packets directly
  • NeMaC, a combined manager/meter reader. NeMaC can control many meters, reading their flow data and writing it to disk files.
  • nifty, a 'network flow analyzer'. nifty is a combined manager/meter reader which provides a live X-window display of flow information instead of writing it to a data file.
  • srl, a compiler which reads *.srl programs and converts them into *.rules files ready for NeMaC or nifty to download to meters.

The NeTraMet distribution uses GNU autoconfigure, making it simple to install on most Unix systems.

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