CAIDA BGP Hackathon 2016 Challenge Participant Skillsets

The following is the accepted challenge participants with their skillsets/expertise that they entered on their application form.

Challenge Participant Position Affiliation Skillsets / Expertise
Reza Motamedi Grad Student University of Oregon
- Programming Languages: Java, Python, C++, JS
- All Relational DBs
- Traceroute and BGP
- Visualization with D3 and VizJS
Wouter de Vries PhD student University of Twente
- Some knowledge of BGP, some in practice, mostly theoretical. Currently setting up a study using PEERING,
in addition to setting up a local anycast network.
- Programming languages: Python, Java, C#, C
- Databases: (My/Postgre/MS)SQL, some experience with Mongo and RethinkDB
- A good amount of experience with RIPE Atlas
Christoph Dietzel Researcher / PhD Student DE-CIX / TU Berlin
- Some BGP analysis experience, rather in the IXP context so far.
- I am cool with most common "languages" such as Python, Bash, Java, C++, ...
- Visualization not too much beyond R
- Some "domain expertise" with IXP related topics such as route servers, blackholig, ...
Daniel Kopp Junior Researcher DE-CIX
- basic programming skills (Python, Bash)
- knowledge about Layer 2 + 3 networks and AS environment
- NoSQL experience (MongoDB,Elasticsearch)
- visualization experience (Data+Graphs => Kibana, Networks => Gephi)
- motivation for security related topics (e.g. IP-Spoofing, DDOS, IP-Hijacks)
Ricardo Schmidt Postdoc University of Twente
- Experience with BGP and anycast.
- Initial experience with PEERING (which will certainly be the tool we will use).
- Already have been working on anycast+routing research together with Wouter de Vries and Lan Wei.
- C, Python, Bash.
Alexander Isavnin Researcher The open Net association
- BGP configuration, routing analisys
- scripting languages, C/C++
- Unix power user
- MySQL database
Danilo Cicalese PhD student Telecom ParisTech
Measurement platforms experience:
  - Ripe Atlas
  - PlanetLab
Maps visualization:
  -google maps
Programming languages:
Shane Alcock Research Programmer University of Waikato
- General: 10+ years developing both active and passive network measurement software for research purposes.
Major code contributor to libtrace, libprotoident and AMP, amongst others.
- Programming languages: C, C++, Python, Javascript
- BGP experience: I have written a simple looking glass based on MRT files (internal use only).
- Visualisation experience: I have worked on BSOD (
and AMP (, which both have large visualisation components.
- Databases: I've mostly worked with postgresql in the past.
- Frameworks: I've written web-apps using both Django and Pyramid.
Mattijs Jonker PhD student Twente University
- Expertise in flow-based traffic monitoring and analysis. This includes flow exporter and collector deployment,
as well as using a wide variety of analysis tools.
- My primary programming language is Java. I also know my way around C, Python, awk, PHP and Bash quite well.
- Experienced with Hadoop, Apache Crunch, the Kite SDK, Impala and Hive.
- I have know-how of GNS3 and Mininet (for virtual test setups), Quagga, ExaBGP, Open vSwitch, POX,
Pyretic and Kinetic.
Maite Gonzalez Undergrad Student NICLabs, Universidad de Chile
- Programming Languages known:
  - Java(Intermediate)
  - Python(Intermediate)
  - C(basic)
  - HTML(basic)
  - PHP(basic)
  - Javascript(Intermediate).
- Frameworks: AngujarJS (intermidiate), Symfony (basic)
- Experience developing a national-scale visualization of BGP graphs using Visjs and D3, both Javascript libraries.
Randy Bush Research Fellow Internet Initiative Japan & Dragod Research Labs
- RPKI, RouteViews/RIS (don't we all:), Atlas, Routing, Roberto's carne asada burritos
Ruwaifa Anwar Ph.D Student Stony Brook University, New York
- Knowledge of BGP in general and more specifically BGP hijacks
- Experience with RIPE atlas and BGPStream
- Can code in Python and C/C++
- Can write awk/bash scripts for quick testing and prototyping
Andrew Weiner Grad Student Northwestern University
- Experience with BGP: Newcomer
- Languages: C / C++, x86 Assembly, Python, PHP, Javascript
- Frameworks/Databases: MySQL and similar relational databases, MapReduce
- Visualization: Excel, Tableau, Matplotlib
Caterina Munoz Undergrad Student Universidad de Chile, NicLabs Chile
- Programming Languages: Java, Python, C, javascript (angular).
- Tools and Databases: Redis, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm
- Experience developing a DNS real time analytics framework.
Pierre-Antoine Vervier Researcher Symantec Research Labs
Domain expertise:
- BGP security (data collection (control plane & data plane), BGP anomaly/hijack detection)
- C/C++/Java/Python/bash/...
- (No)SQL DBMS's
- RIPE RIS/RouteViews/BGPmon data repositories
- RIPEstat
- IRR's
Rachee Singh PhD Student Stony Brook University
- Experience with BGP, censorship and measurement (RIPE Atlas)
- Comfortable with: Python and C
- Have worked with Flask, SQL/SQLite.
- Basic visualisation skills.
Andreas Reuter Master's Student Freie Universitat Berlin
    -RTRlib, RPKI, BGP
Francesco Benedetto Master Graduating Student Roma Tre University
- d3.js library for data visualization
- Nodejs (Event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment)
- Mongo, MySql, Postgresql DBs
- familiarity with Java
Abhishek Dwaraki Grad Student University of Massachusetts, Amherst
- Working knowledge of BGP, mostly beginner level with hands-on, but able to learn and ramp up quickly.
- Languages known : C/C++, Python, Java, no visualization experience.
- I possess some knowledge of frameworks, mostly those on which ONOS and OpenDayLight have been built and
some other open source ones, but they are mostly working knowledge, enough to start building something. 
Tianbo Gu Grad Student University of Massachusetts, Amherst
- I'm a Phd student from UMass Amherst. Recently, I'm conducting some research about Inter-domain routing.
I investigated current BGP problems and read related papers.
Now I'm trying to use SDN principles to outsource the inter-domain routing.
I'm also working on building some prototype system by using and modifying some BGP open source code,
such as Quagga.
I also did some work about SDN and NFV before and had some experience.
I like to cooperate with anyone who are interested in the inter-domain routing work.
Priyanka Dattatri Kedalagudde Grad Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
-Experience with BGP :  I am majoring in networks and hence want to improve my understanding of network routing.
I am a beginner in BGP but can process and apply new concepts quickly.
-Programming languages : C,C++, no visualization experience. 
Gavriil Chaviaras Undergrad Student Researcher FORTH
-BGP protocol
Programming Languages
-Java (Java Servlets)
-JavaScript (JQuery, Ajax)
-Oracle MySQL
-Apache Derby
Visualization Experience
Petros Gkigkis Undergrad Student Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) & University of Crete (UoC)
- Experience with BGP protocol, BGPlay and routeviews project. Also, I have some experience with ChartHouse.
- Programming languages: C, C++, JAVA, Python, Ruby, Perl, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, React, XML, SQL, jQuery
- Familiar with Django, phpMyAdmin
- Visualization experience with d3.js library.
- Knowledge of MPLS and Software Defined Networks.
Azzam Alsudais Grad Student CU Boulder
- Java
- Python
- C
- OpenFlow
- PlanetLab, Amazon EC2
- Wireshark
Calvin Ardi Grad Student University of Southern California
- programming: go, python
- frameworks: hadoop, spark
- visualization: matplotlib
- extensive sysadmin experience
Thomas Holterbach PhD student ETH Zurich
Programming Language:
- Python, C, Bash, etc
- Python matplotlib
Tools and measurement platforms:
- RIPE Atlas and its tools. The NL Ring node platform.
- BGP collectors and tools (RIPE RIS, Routeviews, bgpdump, etc)
- SDN (e.g. Floodlight/Openvswitch)
- Measurement tools (paris-traceroute, tokyo ping, scamper, etc)
Nicholas Wolff Routing/Network Management Engineer OARnet
- Routing Engineer on Large Regional Service provider network.
- Freebsd system administrator
- Python programming experience 
- Juniper experience 
- Previously worked on a python BMP receiver from scratch prior to the release of Openbmp which could decode the
BMP stream but ran out of time and steam when I got to proper data models for storage and correlation of data.
- Large part of job is data correlation and Automation using python, shell scripts, and available opensource tools.
I'm open to work on any challenge as needed.
Roderick Fanou Visiting Grad Student & PhD Student CAIDA (SDSC) & IMDEA Networks Institute
- I studied BGP both in my engineer degree and masters classes.
- As a PhD Student, one of my research interest is the Interdomain routing in developing regions.
I led 5 AXIS workshops in Africa (Benin, Niger, Mauritania, Congo, Burkina Faso) to which attended
local network operators: the participants were taught BGP and IXP setup.
- In my research, I also use ROUTEVIEWS/RIS/PCH data, RIPE Atlas and Ark (measurements platform),
traceroutes outputs analysis, IXP detection/setup.
- As for my programming skills, I am proficient in python, PHP/MySQL, HTML.
For the plots, I use Matlab/google charts.  I have some knowledge in C but I'll need to refresh them.  
Victor Sanchez Aguero Grad student Intern Researcher, Carlos III University
- I am use to program with JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bash, MySQL and Java. 
- I have experience with the most popular APIs of visualization such as d3js, Sigmajs, Google Maps,
Google Charts, DataTables, etc.
- I also have background with several mathematical programs like Matlab, R, GNU plot, Gephi etc.
- The title of my Bachelor Thesis is "Development of visualization tools for inter domain IP routing",
so I am introduced in BGP area, and routing knowledge.
Yi-Ching Chiu Grad Student University of Southern California
- Understanding on how BGP works in theory, but without implementation experience.
- Familiar with Python and C/C++.
Rob Shakir IP Architect Jive Communications
- Operational experience with BGP in multiple operators
- Experienced with Python, and the internals of one BGP implementation in Java.
- Domain expertise with YANG, and particularly work on generating class bindings from YANG along with the
translation of YANG types in a number of languages.
Alejandro Acosta Engineer R+D Lacnic
- I have experience in DNS, BGP, RPKI & Python Programming. _Not_ an expert in any of them. 
Vasco Asturiano SW Engineer Medallia
- Data Visualization
- Frontend development
- BGP analysis
- Charthouse
- RIPEStat
Bruno Machado Undergrad student Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
- Platforms:  I help develop and operate the PEERING research testbed.
- Programming languages: In-depth knowledge of C and Python.  Familiar with Java, C++ and PHP.
- Frameworks familiarity: Django
- Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
Roya Ensafi Postdoc Princeton University
- My main area of research is Internet measurements and network systems.
I am very comfortable with running network measurements, collect lots of messy data, and use
statistical analysis to learn from the collected data.
I am also familiar with most of the open-access datasets that collect measurement data, and
have used them in multiple projects such as CAIDA's Internet Topology Data.
Massimo Candela (Domain Expert) Software Engineer - Network Data Visualisation RIPE NCC
- I would like to be both a supporting domain expert (viz1 and viz2 tracks) and a participant.
Kaname Nishizuka Researcher NTT Communications
- 6 years experience of BGP operation of ISPs in Japan.
- Quagga(bgpd)/perl (for development of anti-DDoS system with BGP announcement)
- R/ELK stack
Dmitry Kohmanyuk Internet Amateur UA
- Programming: C, Perl, Python
- Networking: IPv4/IPv6, BGP, DNS, Anycast
- Internet Protocols and Standards
Nicolas Vivet Network security researcher FNISA
- Programming languages: Python, C, Ocaml, Rust
- Operating AS202214 for research purposes
- Familiar with MRT data format and the BGP protocol
- Discussed BGP hijack detection at PacSec and NoSuchCon 2014
Nathan Owens Engineer Comcast
- Programming
- ISP network knowledge
- basic understanding of BGP
Andrew Mulhern Network Engineer Comcast
- Python (intermediate)
- JavaScript (basic)
- PHP (basic)
- Django (basic)
- Flask (basic)
- CodeIgniter (basic)
- MySQL (intermediate)
- Oracle (basic)
- D3.js (basic)
Mark Iversen Program Analyst/Network Engineer SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
- CCNA qualified and Cisco IOS knowledgeable regarding switches, routers subnetting etc.
- Also familiar with Firewalls, NAT, and deep packet inspection.
Mingwei Zhang PhD candidate University of Oregon
BGP related projects that I've been involved in:
- Buddyguard: BGP anomaly detection
- I-seismograph: large-scale disruptive BGP events detection
Frameworks that I've used:
- RouteViews and RIPE BGP archive
- BGPlay services from RIPE
- I've also coded a Java-based BGPStream-alike framework, which can achieve most of the BGPStream functionality.
Yasuhiro Ohara Manager NTT Communications
- The author of Bgpdump2
- The author of ospf6d in GNU Zebra.
Danilo Giordano PhD student Politecnico di Torino
- Basic knowledge about routing algorithms and protocols, in particular of BGP itself
- Good knowledge about analysis of network passive traces with different datamining and
  statistical tools: DBSCAN, K-means, TF-IDF, Jaccard index, cosine similarity, cumulative distribution analysis
- Good knowledge about analysis of different traffic family: P2P, anycast, YouTube, DNS
- Good knowledge of different programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Python, gunplot
Luca Sani Post Doc Researcher IIT-CNR
- Experience with BGP and Internet AS-level ecosystem
- Knowledge of C++, Perl, PHP, Javascript
Charles Brock Grad student ICASA / NMT
- Experience with Machine Learning including Neural Networks, Support Vector
  Machines, Ensembles of Decision Trees and Hidden Markov Models.
- Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Matlab, RPL, Scheme, Python
- Experience with development of algorithms for detecting events such as
hijacking, internet worms, earthquakes and power outages through monitoring BGP.
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