DNS-OARC Workshop at ISC: Participants

This page contains the list of participants of the 1st DNS-OARC Workshop at ISC on July 25-26, 2005.

Dates: July 25 (Mon) - 26 (Tue), 2005
Place: Cisco Systems, Santa Clara, CA

Participants of the 1st DNS-OARC Workshop


Paul Vixie, paul@vix.com
Brett Watson, brett_watson@isc.org
Suzanne Woolf, woolf@isc.org


Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge (UK), Jon Crowcroft@cl.cam.ac.uk
Lixia Zhang, University of California Los Angeles, lixia@cs.ucla.edu
Daniel Massey, Colorado State University, massey@cs.colostate.edu
David Dagon, Georgia Institute of Technology, dagon@cc.gatech.edu
George Riley, Georgia Institute of Technology, riley@ece.gatech.edu
Hitesh Ballani, Cornell University, hitesh@cs.cornell.edu
Anja Feldman, University of Munich (Germany), anja@net.in.tum.de


kc claffy, kc@caida.org
Duane Wessels, wessels@packet-pushers.com
Andre Broido, broido@caida.org
Marina Fomenkov, marina@caida.org