IEC Workshops - Presenters

The September 1999 IEC workshop is the second installment of workshops will highlight tools that are relevant in both academic and commercial communities: cflowd and RRDTool. The presenters are the actual software developers who will focus on the uses of the tools and discuss the importance of monitoring and management tools for the networking community as a whole.

Attendees List


Aditya, Ramaswamy
Allen, Jeff
Bledsoe, Tom
Boesch, Tobias
Buhrow, Brian
Butler, Bob
Dial, Paul
Donovan, Trey
Feldman, Steve
Frohling, Ted
Gabato, Fernan
Ganbar, Jambi
Grady, Brian
Hallquist, Roy
Harnick-Shapiro, David
Huddle, Scott
Humphrey, Richard
Hutton, Tom
Kane, Sean
Knudson, Matt
Kroeger, Brad
Kwong, Lloyd
Johnson, Eric
Lund, Saskia
Meyer, David
Nash, Bill
Nguyen, Antony
Okumoto, Max
Parks, Lisa
Prue, Walt
Ranta, John
Rao, Shankar
Rosson, Ronald
Rozakis, Nick
Sarviel, Steve
Slye, Cameron
Smith, David
Still, Eric
Sun, Yi
Thomas, Mary
Tsang, Hubert
Vaughan, Sean
Venne, Bud
Watson, Brett
Whitfield, Newell
Whyte, Scott
Zaid, Albanna


WebTV Networks, Inc.
Applegate Capital Mgmt
diAx telecommunication ag
University of CA, Berkeley
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Arizona
Univ. of CA Office of the President
Pacific Northwest National Lab
Intelenet Communications
MCI Worldcom
America Online
Epoch Networks
University of CA, San Diego
Onet Networking
Florida International University
University of CA, Berkeley
Cisco Systems
Global Center
Scour, Inc.
University of CA, Riverside
USC/Info. Sciences Institute
MCI - Worldcom
Qwest Communication
N2 Networking
The Information Factory, Inc.
Internet Express
CalWeb Internet Services
N2 Networking
Click! Network
NTT Multimedia Comm Labs
Blue Mountain Arts
University of Washington
Enron Communications
University of CA, San Diego
Cisco Systems, Inc.
--- Tektronix
--- Sprint
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