5th CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI Joint Measurement Workshop: Participants

This page contains the list of participants of the 5th CAIDA-WIDE-CASFI Joint Measurement Workshop on August 1-2, 2012.

Dates: August 1-2 (Wed-Thu), 2012
Place: Room 408
San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD Campus, La Jolla, CA

Kenjiro Cho (IIJ)kjc at iijlab.net
Hirochika Asai (Univ. of Tokyo)panda at hongo.wide.ad.jp
Kensuke Fukuda (NII)kensuke at fukuda-lab.org
Yohei Kuga (Keio University)sora at sfc.wide.ad.jp
Sue Moon (KAIST)sbmoon at kaist.edu
Youn Sang Jang (NIA)ysjang at nia.or.kr
Changhyun Lee (KAIST)chlee at an.kaist.ac.kr
Yeonhee Lee (Chungnam National University)yhlee06 at cnu.ac.kr
Youngseok Lee (Chungnam National University)lee at cnu.ac.kr
Seung-Il Moon (Kyunghee University)simoon at networking.khu.ac.kr
Bradley Huffakerbrad at caida.org
kc claffykc at caida.org
Amogh Dhamdhereamogh at caida.org
Young Hyunyhyun at caida.org
Alistair Kingalistair at caida.org
Matthew Luckiemjl at caida.org
Jeffrey Cubbal (DHS)jeffrey.cubbal at associates.hq.dhs.gov
Ann Cox (DHS)beverly.cox at hq.dhs.gov
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