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This page contains detail information about the CAIDA/WIDE Workshop on March 21, 2003.

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CAIDA/WIDE Workshop, March 21, 2003

Collaboration between CAIDA and WIDE

  1. Monitoring nameserver response time

    • Goals:
      1. compare monitoring methodologies
      2. characterize the performance of the current root (or TLD) nameserver system

    • Currently available:
      • passive monitoring of root, gTLD and ccTLD servers (nevil@caida)
      • active monitoring of root and ccTLD servers ({sekiya,kjc}@wide)
      • skitter at the root servers (brad@caida)

    • Collaboration items:
      1. compare measurement data obtained by 3 methods
      2. how can these methods complement each other?

    • Tentative timeline
      • March:
        - run both passive and active monitors on the same machine for comparison, one in japan (kjc), one in auckland (nevil);
        - deploy 3 more passive monitors for gTLD and ccTLD analysis (nevil);
      • August:
        a paper on DNS monitoring methodologies comparing 3 methods

  2. Analysis of DNS anomalies

    • Goals:
      1. study the status of erroneous queries in DNS traffic and find their causes
      2. suggest strategies to fix the problems and to protect the DNS system from the damage

    • Currently available:
      • analysis of F-root tcpdumps (wessels@caida)
        Paper at PAM2003
      • DNS-QC ({kato,kjc}@wide) - WIDE/JPNIC joint effort to report results of the dns configuration check to the jp domain admins (only in japanese)
      • AS112 server log analysis (andre@caida, kato@wide)
        Paper at Sigmetrics2003

    • Collaboration items:
      1. WIDE collects data at the M-root (tcpdump?)
      2. apply dnstop to japanese ISP DNS traffic (kato@wide)
      3. joint CAIDA/WIDE analysis of the data

    • Tentative timeline
      • March:
        Internet draft on how to configure name servers with focus on user side (CAIDA)
      • June:
        Internet draft on DNS-QC, common zone configuration errors with focus on delegation (WIDE)
      • August:
        joint report on AS112 analysis (CAIDA/WIDE)

  3. Nameserver placement and "best server selection" problem

    • Goals:
      1. analysis of root/gTLD servers placement
      2. provide recommendations for future reconfiguration

    • Currently available:
      • server selection algorithm modeling (kjc@wide)
      • skitter data analysis ({tlee,brad}@caida)
        - effects of removing one root server
        - analysis of topological similarity
        Paper at PAM2003

    • Collaboration items:
      1. ccTLD server monitoring (nevil@caida,sekiya@wide)
        - long-term monitoring of a small set (~10) of ccTLD servers
      2. combining data obtained by different monitoring methodologies (cf. item I) for better input to models ({nevil,brad}@caida,{kjc,sekiya}@wide)
      3. modeling and simulations
        - comparison of bind, djbdns, microsoft servers
        - possible use of starbed (kjc@wide)? (starbed consists of 512 PCs, it was built by a WIDE member.
        - improving the current model by including timeouts and caching (wessels@caida,kjc@wide)
      4. study the impact of non-legitimate queries on the server placement issues

    • Tentative timeline
      • March:
        - select a set of ccTLD servers to monitor (CAIDA/WIDE)
        - recommendations on nameserver selection algorithms (CAIDA/WIDE)
        - start simulation in a smaller lab environment (CAIDA/WIDE)

  4. New features in the DNS

    • Goal:
      1. establish methodologies to track the deployment status of the DNS new features

    • Currently proposed:
      • IPv6 deployment, IPv6 root (kato@wide)
      • anycast for root servers (kato@wide)
      • dnssec (?)
      • enum ({sano,fujiwara}@wide)

    • Collaboration items:
      1. deploy measurement infrastructure for anycast
      2. interes in tracking IPv6 deployment

Other measurement topics at WIDE

  1. 10Gb monitoring
    - WIDE is about to deploy 10Gb backbone links, possible use of OC192MON by (if our budget allows)

  2. data aggregation/visualization: extension of aguri ({kaizaki,kjc}@wide)

  3. packet sampling at NSPIXP by Foundry's sFlow ({kato,kjc}@wide)

Meetings schedule

  • CAIDA/WIDE workshop in San Diego on March 21st, 2003
    - short research presentations by participants to know each other
    - discussion on collaboration items
  • PAM2003, April 6-8, 2003, La Jolla
    - WIDE paper on active monitoring is accepted
    - CAIDA papers on DNS damage and on server placement are accepted
  • Brad will be visiting WIDE during the summer
  • 57th IETF, July 13-18, 2003
  • 58th IETF, November 9-14, 2003
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