CAIDA-WIDE Workshop at ISI: Participants

This page contains the list of participants of the 6th CAIDA/WIDE Workshop at ISI on March 17-18, 2006.

Dates: March 17 (Fri) - 18 (Sat), 2006
Place: Information Sciences Institute, Marina del Rey, CA

Participants of the 6th CAIDA/WIDE Workshop


Kenjiro Cho, IIJ, kjc at
Akira Kato, The University of Tokyo, kato at
Hiroshi Esaki, The University of Tokyo, hiroshi at
Yoichi Shinoda, Japan Advanced Institite of Science and Technology, shinoda at
Yuji Sekiya, The University of Tokyo, sekiya at
Kensuke Fukuda, NIT, fukuda at
Shigeya Suzuki, Auto-ID Labs Japan & Keio Research Institute at SFC, shigeya at
Jun Takei, Intel Japan, takei at


Randy Bush, IIJ, randy at
George Michaelson, APNIC, ggm at
Geoff Huston, APNIC, gih at
Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside, michalis at
Yihua He, UC Riverside, yhe at
Doug Barton, dougb at


Matthew Luckie, mjl at


Bill Manning, bmanning at
Alba Regalado, alba at


kc claffy, kc at
Brad Huffaker, bhuffake at
Nevil Brownlee, nevil at
Duane Wessels, wessels at
Young Hyun, youngh at
Hao Shang, hao at
Tom Vest, tvest at
Hyun-chul Kim, hkim at
Ziqian Liu, ziqian at
Marina Fomenkov, marina at
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