10th CAIDA-WIDE Workshop

The 10th CAIDA-WIDE Workshop will take place on November 20, 2017 (by invitation only) in Tokyo, Japan.

This Workshop resumes a tradition of workshops supporting a collaboration between researchers from CAIDA (USA) and WIDE (Japan). The main areas of the Workshop are: Internet measurement projects, analysis of data to reveal current Internet trends, and data sharing across international boundaries. The Workshop also will cover miscellaneous research and technical topics of mutual interest for CAIDA and WIDE participants.

Date: 10:00-17:30 November 20 (Mon), 2017
Place: Keio University Mita Campus, East Research Building 4F Seminar Room

CAIDA/WIDE Collaboration

The objectives of informal joint CAIDA-WIDE workshops are:

  • to discuss Internet measurement analysis activities going on in each organization;
  • to explore opportunities for joint collaboration on projects;
  • to continue data exchange.

The main focus of the Workshop will be on the design of future Internet measurements. Participants will discuss how to enable coherent analysis of diverse Internet datasets in order to identify and discover relevant Internet trends.

Workshop Agenda

November 20 (Monday)

Additional Content

10th CAIDA-WIDE Workshop: Participants

This page contains the list of participants of the 10th CAIDA/WIDE Workshop.

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