The 1st Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE'09)

The 1st Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE'09) hosted by CAIDA and Georgia Tech was be held on September 23 (Wed), 2009 by web videoconference.

The goal of this workshop was to bring together researchers, commercial Internet facilities and service providers, technologists, theorists, policy makers, RIR stakeholders, and pundits of Internet economics to try to frame a concrete and useful research agenda for the emerging but stunted field of Internet infrastructure economics.

Workshop Format

The time of the 5-hour workshop will be split between two topics, with 6 talks on each topic (15 min presentation + 5 min Q&A) followed by a 25-minute "roundtable discussion" sessions between all participants. In total, the talks will be 4 hours with 1 hour allotted for the roundtable discussions. The two topics are:

  • Economics of address markets and of future designs/architectures
  • Economics of peering and ISP interconnetion and the role of content

Framing a Research Agenda

Though interesting, we will avoid the following topics for this first workshop: commercial revenue models i.e. advertising vs. subscription-based, advertising strategies, ad relevance, ranking, personalization as it relates to marketing, search optimization and strategies for targeting the retail market, and business to business e-commerce.

Attendees will be asked to submit brief, informal abstracts for presentations, or expressions of interest in moderating a discussion topic or breakout roundtable. Each attendee is expected to actively participate as well as provide input, writing, and/or feedback on the report we'll publish within 6 weeks after the workshop. (If you don't want to give a talk, that's fine, if you want to participate in some other measurable way. If you do want to talk, or want a specific topic presented, please let us know as soon as possible.)

Workshop Agenda: September 23 (Wednesday)

Local Arrangements / Remote Videoconferencing

There is no physical workshop, so no local arrangements are needed for this workshop. The 1st Workshop on Internet Economics will be held only remotely, via videoconference supported by EVO software. You can find the EVO software and documentation at the EVO website. You will need to register on the website. The software requires Java.

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