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The 4th Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE 2013): Economic health of the Internet ecosystem

On December 12-13, 2013, CAIDA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hosted the (invitation-only) 4th interdisciplinary Workshop on Internet Economics (WIE) at the University of California San Diego in La Jolla, CA.

The goal of this workshop series is to provide a forum for researchers, commercial Internet facilities and service providers, technologists, economists, theorists, policy makers, and other stakeholders to empirically inform emerging regulatory and policy debates.

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Date: Dec 12 (Thu) - 13 (Fri), 2013
Place: Weaver Conference Center, Malamud Room, Institute of the Americas
UCSD Campus, La Jolla, CA


You will remember that the theme last year was "Definitions and Data". Several themes emerged from the last meeting as as particularly important: QoE measurement, private IP services, and baseline data collection to support research. Building on those ideas, we are proposing a general theme of "The economic health of the Internet ecosystem". The Internet ecosystem (or more particularly the consumer-centered part of the ecosystem) derives income from consumer spend on access and applications/content, and from advertising. We are interested in how these moneys flow into the various parts of the ecosystem, and how they sustain investments and innovations. Within that general framework, we are looking at specific sessions on:

  • The cost of content delivery.
    Incentives for efficient delivery. Who pays?
  • The health of the advertising revenue stream.
    Could the "free" Internet experience (i.e., supported by advertising) run out of money?
  • The quality of the user experience (QoE, not QoS).
  • The rise of specialized services.
    What are the implications of IP networks beyond the Internet: a driver of investment or a threat to OTT innovation?
  • New models for regulatory analysis
  • Regulation as a driver of a healthy ecosystem
    Perhaps a US EU comparison?
  • The role of data: theory vs. empirical framings


Our format last year at WIE 2012 was not a traditional workshop at which everyone gave a talk on their work; we felt it let us dig deeper into the selected topics. Our feedback from last year suggests that the attendees liked this format, so we plan to repeat that, but if you have other thoughts or suggestions, please send one of us an email.

The format of this meeting is a series of focused sessions around specific, pre-selected topics. Presenters will prepare short talks (10 minutes) on issues related to the topics.

Not everyone will give a prepared talk, but we expect everyone to participate in the discussions, as well as provide input, writing, and/or feedback on the report we'll publish within shortly after the workshop. Our goal is to produce a public workshop report, but the discussions themselves (and the identity of specific speakers) will be specifically off the record.

Organizing committee

  • kc claffy (CAIDA/UCSD)
  • David Clark (MIT)

Please feel free to send any questions to wie-registration at caida dot org.

Workshop Agenda

December 12 (Thursday)

December 13 (Friday)

Local Arrangements / Getting to UCSD

For this workshop, attendees are expected to make their own hotel reservations and transportation arrangements from their hotels to the workshop. For CAIDA's list of recommended local hotels including shuttle availability, see the Recommended Hotels list (PDF).

The 4th WIE workshop will be held in the Weaver Center at the Institute of the Americas on the University of California San Diego (UCSD) campus. For directions to the Institute of the Americas, visit their website at under "About IOA - Location and Map".

  • Driving onto campus

    Parking Permits: Parking permits are required to park on UCSD Campus. On arrival to campus on the morning of Day 1, check in with a CAIDA staff member waiting in front of the handicap spots on International Lane (see the parking map) near the Institute of the Americas plaza. We will give you a parking permit for the day, and then point you to the Pangea Parking Structure for parking.

    A campus map for the WIE workshop shows where the permits will be distributed, the parking structure, and the Weaver Center where the meeting will be held.

    Parking permits for Day 2 will be distributed at the end of Day 1, just prior to the reception.

General UCSD Maps and general UCSD Visitor Parking information are useful resources for navigating on campus. (For GPS-enabled attendees, the GPS coordinates of the Weaver Center is WGS84: 32°53'6.30'N, 117°14'28.02'W)

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