CAIDA Onboarding

A checklist of tasks to be completed when joining CAIDA.

(maybe) = Ask your supervisor

Complete basic forms

Register for other support services

After these forms are completed, the sysadmin will assign you a CAIDA UNIX account username and password. With this, you can register a TWiki account to access our internal documentation wiki.

  • Register a TWiki account on create your own account (set password), wait for authorization by sysadmin

Once your TWiki account is approved by sysadmin, it will be easier to follow instructions for other services that need to be set up.

  • Reset UNIX account password (wiki: ChangeUnixPassword)
  • Log into Mattermost at; you need to get invited by your supervisor/sponsor and fill in your account details. Set unique password.
    • Configure "Account Settings" to identify yourself and your role (wiki: MatterMost)
  • (maybe) Register for a UCSD email
  • Configure your CAIDA email (wiki: MailServer)
  • Set a unique password to access using UNIX account (wiki: ChangeStaffPassword)
  • (maybe) Configure Calendar (wiki: CalendarServer)
  • (maybe) Configure your phone / voice mail

If working physically in the building:

  • Schedule to meet with SDSC HR to sign paperwork
  • Get office key from Facilities (or if in room 308, keycode from admin)
  • (maybe) Get badge or fob from SDSC Operations if you require after-hours building access

If working remotely:

  • Contact SDSC HR to digitally sign Remote Work Agreement and other paperwork

If involved with website:

  • CVS, configure when given an account on by sysadmin (wiki: CvsSetup)
  •, ask sysadmin to create an account, get invited into CAIDA organization and get assigned to Web group

If coding/developing:

  •, get invited into CAIDA organization and get assigned to a team
  • SVN, configure (wiki: SVN)
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