A Perspective on Passive Measurement


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Table of Contents

A Perspective on Passive Measurement


PPT Slide

PPT Slide

vBNS POP Architecture

What is OCxMON?

OCxMON Modes of Operation

What is a flow?

Flow volume for 1 week

Traffic by application (in bytes)

Traffic by application (in packets)

Traffic by application (in flows)

Web client averages

Characterization of application flows

Long-term traffic variability

Variability over multiple time scales

Flow size histogram - small flows dominate

Traffic from small flows

Packet size data

Packet size histogram (log scale)

Packet run lengths

Protocol overhead analysis

Specialized analyses

Specialized analyses cont.- ATM CLP-bit analysis

Specialized analyses cont. - Cell loss analysis

"Heavy Hitters"

AS Pairs Table

Real-time Active Flows Display

What we don't use OCxMON for (yet?)


Author: Greg Miller