Accessing the VM - STARDUST

Accessing the VM

With the ending of the STARDUST project in 2021, access to the STARDUST platform is no longer available.


Setting up the VM on your local machine

Once you receive the email with your account name and password you will need to set up virtual machine access to your local device.

  1. Add the following to your ~/.ssh/config file:
        ForwardAgent yes
  2. In your terminal, start your ssh-agent by typing in the following command:
    eval ssh-agent
  3. Add the private key with the following command:
    ssh-add  ~/.ssh/<name_of_your_private_ssh_key>
  4. Now you can ssh into the gateway by using the following command:
    • Note: the login_name is the username we provide you in the email.
  5. After this you must log in to the VM by using this command:
    ssh vm_name
  6. If you have followed all the steps then you should be in the virtual machine at this time. Our user name on this VM is "limbo"

Accessing Your VM

Once you have completed the setup, you can access your VM afterward by simply

  1. ssh into the gateway:
  2. Log in to the VM
    ssh  vm_name