TimeSeries (Grafana) - STARDUST

TimeSeries (Grafana)


The telescope data is processed even further to create Time Series data.


Time Series data illustrates the change of one variable over time.

It includes the least amount of information but is the most efficient and easy-to-use data type.


Variables include:

  • packets per second
  • bits per second
  • unique source IPs per minute
  • unique source ASNs per minute
  • unique destination IPs per minute

User Guide

To access TimeSeries data go to the Grafana Dashboards.

Creating an Account

You can either create an account or sign in using your Github account. To begin creating your account, click on the globus button.

Here you will have an option of logging in with an existing organization account, google account, or ORCiD iD.


Note that the dashboards contain data starting from April 17, 2020 to present. Existing dashboards include:

  • UCSD-NT: Custom Ports (TCP/UDP)
  • UCSD-NT: ICMP Common Types/Codes
  • UCSD-NT: ICMP Custom Types/Codes
  • UCSD-NT: Overview
  • UCSD-NT: Per-ASN View
  • UCSD-NT: Popular Ports (TCP/UDP)
  • UCSD-NT: Protocols

Downloading Grafana Data

To download Grafana data directly, click on the title of one of the display elements.


Then click on inspect.


Here you can download the data as a csv file.