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CAIDA Workshop on BGP and Traceroute data

As part of our efforts on the (NSF CNS-0958547) Internet Laboratory for Empirical Network Science (iLENS) Project, CAIDA hosted a workshop on August 22nd, 2011 to discuss scalable measurement and analysis of BGP and traceroute data.

Attendance at the workshop was by invitation only.

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Workshop Summary

The workshop discussions will focus on scalable measurement instrumentation, and data archiving/querying for traceroute and bgp data. Sample topics to discuss: what sort of functionality would make it easier to compare traceroute-observable paths with bgp-observable paths; using bgp-paths to improve the interpretation of traceroute-paths either in real-time or for large-scale topology mapping; annotations for topology maps; correlation of traceroute-observable performance data (coarse as it is) with bgp-dynamics/behavior; using BGP data to support detection/mapping of occurrences of hijacking, filtering, spoofability, censorship, ECN support, integrity of infrastructure, etc.



  • Matthew Luckie (University of Waikato, NZ)
  • Dan Massey (Colorado State University)
  • Vasileios Giotsas (University College London)
  • Minaxi Gupta (Indiana University)
  • Alberto Dainotti (University of Napoli Federico II)
  • kc claffy (CAIDA, UCSD)
  • Young Hyun (CAIDA, UCSD)
  • Amogh Dhamdhere (CAIDA, UCSD)
  • Alistair King (CAIDA, UCSD)
  • Bradley Huffaker (CAIDA, UCSD)
  • Marina Fomenkov (CAIDA, UCSD)
  • Josh Polterock (CAIDA, UCSD)

Remote Attendees

  • Emile Aben (RIPE-NCC)
  • Geoff Huston (APNIC)
  • Benno Overeinder (NLnet Labs)
  • Shi Zhou (University College London)

Local Arrangements / Getting to UCSD

For this workshop, attendees are expected to make their own hotel reservations and transportation arrangements from their hotels to the workshop. Please refer to CAIDA Visitors' Info for information on nearby hotels and local transportation. Be sure to ask for "UCSD rates".

For transportation concerns, general questions and help, contact Darlene Piche at (858) 534-5109.

General UCSD Maps and general UCSD Visitor Parking information are useful resources for navigating on campus.

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