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GeoPlot: About

GeoPlot is a light-weight java applet which allows users to create a geographical image of a data set. The applet provides the user with many options to represent the data set. Basically, GeoPlot plots a set of nodes and a set of lines that connect these nodes on an image specified by the user.

GeoPlot is considered a deprecated tool and is not any longer supported by CAIDA. These pages are made available for historical purposes.

The data for the applet can either be in the parameters of the Applet tag or the URL to a data file. Read the Applet Parameters section for a detailed description of the parameters available.

Color keys and size keys can also be defined which can be used to determine the color and width of the nodes and lines drawn on the image. There can be multiple lines between any two nodes, as well as for a single node. The applet supports mouse over movements and displays a status bar at the bottom of the applet when the mouse cursor is on a line or node. Also users can click on a line or node and be taken to another URL for maybe more information about that entity.

GeoPlot was originally developed by Ram Periakaruppan and is supported by Bradley Huffaker.

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