The contents of this legacy page are no longer maintained nor supported, and are made available only for historical purposes.

GeoPlot: Running GeoPlot

GeoPlot is considered a deprecated tool and is not any longer supported by CAIDA. These pages are made available for historical purposes.

To execute the GeoPlot applet, first download the latest version of the GeoPlot Java Archive, which contains the class files. Then place the following applet tag in your html file, look at the Model Template section for a complete example. GeoPlot.class is the main class file that should be placed in your applet tag. The basic outline is shown below, you could include a codebase attribute if you like.

    <applet code="GeoPlot.class" archive="GeoPlot.jar" width=??? height=???>
    <param name=????? value=?????>

The width and height attributes of the applet tag refer to the width and height of the applet in the browser window. All the param tags follow the opening applet tag.

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