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Installing GTrace

Instructions and prerequisites for installing GTrace are listed here.

1. Download the latest version of GTrace

Current Release 1.0.0 (Beta)
Release Date 11/5/99
Download GTrace-v1.0.0Beta.tar.gz
Download BerkeleyDB db-2.7.7.tar.gz
NOTES: Points will be off by a slight margin in the middle sections of the US maps, as the map parameters for the translation are not perfect/known.

Due to new releases of BerkeleyDB by SleepyCat and changes/deletion of some files in their distribution I am not linking you to their homepage to download the latest version of BekeleyDB, instead download the 2.7.7 release from that table above which works fine.

2. GTrace Prerequisites

1. Solaris/Linux/FreeBSD
2. JDK 1.1.7 or higher.
3. JFC Swing 1.1.1
4. BerkeleyDB's tarball
5. traceroute
6. whois
7. ping
8. nslookup
3. Installing GTrace

To install GTrace, do the following:

1. Unpack the distribution and place a copy of the BerkeleyDB tarball (db-2.7.7.tar.gz) in the GTrace-v1.0.0Beta directory.

You can get a copy of db-2.7.7.tar.gz from the table above.

2. Type ./configure

By default GTrace will be installed in /usr/local/GTrace, to change this add the following to the ./configure line


eg. --prefix=/about/ram

where {DESTDIR} is where you want the GTrace directory to be installed.

The installation procedure defaults JAVA_HOME to


If this is not where your java tree is then add the following to the ./configure line:


eg. --with-java=/about/ram/jdk1.1.8

The installation procedure defaults SWING_HOME to


and looks for swing.jar in there. If this not where your swing.jar is located then add the following to the ./configure line:


eg. --with-swing=/about/ram/swing-1.1.1fcs

GTrace requires that you have JFC Swing installed, if you do not have this installed on your system get a copy from

The installation procedure defaults BDB_VER (current BerkeleyDB tarball filename) to db-2.7.7

If you download a later realease then add the following to the ./configure line:

    --with-bdbver=<FILENAME MINUS EXTENSION>

eg. --with-bdbver=db-2.7.9

If ./configure can't find all the required tools, determine where they are on your system and add that directory to your PATH environment variable.

3. Type make (as root, if necessary)

4. Finally, `make install` will create and populate {DESTDIR}/GTrace with the following:

{DESTDIR}/GTrace/BerkeleyDB/ -- BerkeleyDB Java class files
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/CHANGELOG   -- log of changes made to GTrace
                                since release date
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/COPYRIGHT   -- Copyright notice
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/GTrace*     -- Shell script to start GTrace
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/ -- GTrace configuration file
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/INSTALL     -- Instructions on how to install GTrace
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/Makefile    -- Makefile
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/OROMatcher-1.1/ -- Java Regex Package
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/README      -- Readme
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/caida/      -- GTrace class files
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/config/     -- autoconf configuration files
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/db/         -- GTrace databases
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/deps        -- GTrace source file dependencies
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/doc/        -- Documentation
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/dpfs/       -- Domain Parsing Files
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/images/     -- Images/Icons
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/libdb/      -- BerekeleyDB shared library
                                This directory is populated by make itself.
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/log/        -- logs
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/maps/       -- maps
{DESTDIR}/GTrace/src/        -- source files

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