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Core AS Internet Data

Cooperative Assocation for Data Analysis (CAIDA)
San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

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Data Sources:
(Source1): Bill Cheswick, 14 January 2000
(Source2): traceroutes from CAIDA network to Cheswick destinations, 15-22 January 2000
(Source3): 14 skitter data monitors on 8,16,24 January 2000
Data Specification:
(Data1): 220,533 IP addresses (nodes) (220,533 nodes, 374,013 links, and 154,104 target destination IP addresses.)
(Data2): BGP Routing Table of 16 Jan 2000, from the Oregon Route Views Project containing 75,643 total prefixes.
Data Aggregation:
(Aggregate1): IP addresses in 32,798 BGP prefixes were mapped to their best-match origin AS in the BGP Routing Tables, yielding 5,107 AS nodes. Each of these AS nodes approximately maps to an ISP.
(Aggregate2): Outdegree and indegree are calculated by breaking down the directional paths that skitter collects into their corresponding links. Then, counting the number of links that start in a given AS and end in another represents its outdegree. Likewise, the number of links starting elsewhere that end up in a given AS represent its indegree.
Data Filters:
(Filter1): Remove leaf nodes.
(Filter2): Remove nodes with an out-degree of zero.
(Filter3): Remove 2-loops (two nodes with outgoing edges connected only to each other.)
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