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Mbone Tunnels of the Major Backbone Networks

Tamara MunznerStanford University
Eric Hoffman Ipsilon Networks
kc claffy CAIDA at SDSC
Bill Fenner Xerox PARC

Visualization Thumbnail About the Data
Data Sources:
(Source1): Mbone router data (collected from IGMP messages by mrinfo tool by Bill Fenner) for June 1996. Consists of some of MCI and all of Dartnet.
(Source2): Cambridge map file from June 1996. Data generated by mwatch mbone monitoring program (Piet Brooks, University of Cambridge), but monitoring has since ceased due to a change in UKERNA's billing policy.
(Source3): generated database name2place
(Source4): generated database place2latlong
Data Specification:
(Data1) NDP format file containing one line for each edge or node.
(Data2) High resolution globe model in VRML file format (.wrl). (from Stuart Levy of the Geometry Center using the CIA World Map database)
Data Aggregation:
(Aggregate1): Hostnames from IGMP messages are mapped to latitude and longitude.
Data Filters:
(Filter1): May remove nonbackbone tunnels (originally drawn as thin black lines).
(Filter2): May remove any of three groups of tunnels where 1) both endpoints are in same major ISP, 2) one endpoint is in major ISP, or 3) neither endpoint is in a major ISP.
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