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Collaboration with NIC Chile and the .CL ccTLD Domain
In collaboration with NIC Chile, we are studying the Chilean DNS data characterizing the .CL ccTLD domain.

Analysis and Indexing of Daily Packet Traces to .CL Anycast Cloud

We are in the process of analyzing daily packet traces captured on three anycast and one unicast name servers located in Chile. NIC Chile collected the traces daily at 12:10 pm local time from January 2005 till March 2007. Each 10-minute trace contains IPV4 traffic only and includes queries and responses with full payload. This data set will be indexed in DatCat.

Anycast Switching Experiment for Chilean .CL ccTLD

This report presents the results of a controlled "anycast switching" experiment conducted on the Chilean .CL ccTLD anycast infrastructure. Using traces from the .CL anycast cloud, we measured the time it takes for a client to get redirected from a failing node to the next available node.

Animated Maps of Two Days of DNS Workload for the .CL Chilean ccTLD

The DNS workload capture and visualization animations show the number of queries and clients seen by one of the .CL nameservers in Chile and its hourly variation along two days of traces beginning on July 3rd 2007 at 21:00 (UTC). The animation provides a view of the world map and colors countries based on the load that each country originates. The use of a terminator to show the sun's shadow helps depict potential diurnal patterns in the displayed data.

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