kc claffy

  • Principal investigator for the distributed Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA);
  • Senior research scientist at the UC San Diego’s Supercomputer Center (SDSC);
  • Adjunct Professor in UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE).

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kc claffy
aka Kimberly Claffy
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Kimberly C. Claffy ("kc claffy") leads the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) in its four areas of activity: research; infrastructure support and tool development; data collection, curation, analysis, and sharing; and community outreach.

Her research spans:

  • Internet cartography and performance;
  • The evolution of Internet infrastructure from security, stability, and resilience perspectives;
  • Interdisciplinary studies of economics, policy, and Internet architecture.
CAIDA's infrastructure, software development, and data sharing activities support Internet research around the world, with focus on the health and integrity of the global Internet ecosystem.

CAIDA's most recent program plan (for 2018-2022) is at https://www.caida.org/home/about/progplan/progplan2018/. Annual reports of CAIDA's activities are at: https://www.caida.org/about/annualreports/.

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