kc claffy

  • Principal investigator for the distributed Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA);
  • Senior research scientist at the UC San Diego’s Supercomputer Center (SDSC);
  • Adjunct Professor in UC San Diego’s Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE).

Dr. Kimberly C. Claffy

Director, Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA)
San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego


  • Ph.D. 1991-1994. Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD (Advisor: Dr. George Polyzos)
  • M.S. 1991. Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD
  • B.S. 1989. Symbolic Systems, Stanford University
    • Dissertation: Internet traffic characterization: a methodology to support more accurate workload characterization in the face of increasing diversity in Internet traffic types and qualities

Professional Positions

  • Adjunct Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD (2007-present)
  • Research Scientist, SDSC (2007-present)
  • Associate Adjunct Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD (2004-2007)
  • Associate Research Scientist, SDSC (1994-2007)
  • Director and Principal Investigator (PI), CAIDA, UCSD/SDSC (1997-present)
    • Charted to foster development of tools and analysis methodologies for promoting the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure.
  • Instructor, UCSD Computer Science and Engineering (1996)
  • Research Coordinator, National Laboratory and Applied Network Research (NLANR), SDSC (1995-1998)
    • Charted to provide technical, engineering, and traffic analysis support of NSF High Performance Connections sites.
  • Associate Staff Scientist, SDSC (1994-present)
  • Student Fellow, SDSC (1991-1994)
  • Research Assistant, Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD (1989-1994)
  • Visiting Researcher, Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan (1991)
    • Network protocol research and design; wide area network statistical modeling, measurement, and analysis
  • Summer Research Intern, Monetary Affairs, Monetary Studies Section, Federal Reserve Board (1989)
    • Econometric research and programming for the development of a non-linear modeling application for the simulation of macroeconomic indicators
  • Summer Research Intern, Artificial Intelligence Principles Research, AT&T Bell Laboratories (1987)
    • Knowledge based user interfaces using plan recognition techniques
  • Summer Research Intern, Advanced Sensor Systems, Harry Diamond Laboratories (1986-1987)
    • Natural language processing research; design of extensive Backus Naur grammar in MRS (language written at Stanford) and later in Symbolics Prolog and Lisp
  • Summer Research Intern, Counter Measures, Harry Diamond Laboratories (1985)
    • Graphics programming and debugging for aircraft simulation graphics interface programs


Contracts and Grants

Honors & Awards

  • Internet Hall of Fame, Internet Society, 2019.
  • π Person of the Year, San Diego Supercomputer Center, 2018.
  • Jonathan B. Postel Service Award, Internet Society, 2017.
  • “10 Women in Networking/Communications That You Should Know”, N2Women, February 2016.
  • IEEE Internet Award, 2015.
  • Invited Honoree at Telluride Tech Festival, August 2004.
  • Women in Technology Profile, Cisco Program, September 2002.
  • “Top 25 Women of the Web”, San Francisco Women on the Web, January 2000.

Collaborators and Other Affiliations

Graduate and Post-doctoral Advisors

Name (Affiliation)
Polyzos, George (UC San Diego)
Braun, Hans-Werner (UC San Diego)

Thesis Advisor / Co-advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor

Year Collaborated Name (Affiliation at the time) Occupation after CAIDA
2006 Barman, Dhiman (UCR) Software Engineer at Facebook
2012-2016 Benson, Karyn (UC San Diego) Production Engineer At Facebook
2007-2009 Castro Avila, Sebastian (NZ Registry Services) Chief Scientist at InternetNZ
2007-2009, 2010, 2012-2021 Dainotti, Alberto (U degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, IT) Associate Professor at Georgia Tech
2009-2019 Dhamdhere, Amogh (Georgia Institute of Technology) Research Scientist at Amazon
2003-2004 Dimitripoulos, Xenofontas (Georgia Institute of Technology) Associate Professor at the University of Crete (UoC)
2005 Donnet, Benoit (U Pierre & Marie Curie, FR) Associate Professor at Université de Liège
2008-2009 Dusi, Maurizio (U of Brescia, IT) Software Development Manager at Copan Diagnostics, Inc.
2009-2010 Este, Alice (U of Brescia) Software Engineer at ShinyStat
2015 Gilon, Julien (U of Liège, Belgium) Director at Letsgocity
2008 Gjoka, Minas (UCI) Software Engineer at Google
2004 He, Yihua (UCR) Principal Network Engineer at Yahoo
2007 Jamakovic, Almerima (Delft U of Technology, NL) Senior Data Scientist at Swisscom
2014-2016 Jia, Siyuan (Northeastern University, CN) China Telecom
2008 John, Wolfgang (Chalmers U of Technology, SE) Principal Researcher at Ericsson
2006-2007 Kim, Hyunchul (Seoul National U, KR) Associate Professor at Sangmyung University
2004-2005 Kohno, Tadayoshi (U Washington) Professor at U Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering
2005 Kumar, Ritesh (U of NC-Chapel Hill) Software Engineer at Facebook
2013-2015 Larson, Natalie (UC San Diego) Professional Runner
2004 Liu, Raymond (UCLA) Freelance Photographer
2006 Liu, Ziqian (Beijing Jiaotong U) China Telecom
2010 Lodhi, Aemen (Georgia Institute of Technology) Production Engineer at Facebook
2014 Lutu, Andra (U of Carlos III, Madrid) Associate Researcher at Telefónica Research
2004-2007 Mahadevan, Priya (AT&T Labs) Network Architect at Google
2011-2016 Orsini, Chiara (University of Pisa, IT) Software Development Engineer at Amazon
2007-2009 Papadoupolos, Fragkiskos (U of Cyprus) Assistant Professor at U of Cyprus
2002-2006 Shakkottai, Srinivas (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Professor of Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
2004 Shiram, Alok (U of NC-Chapel Hill) Engineering at Gusto
2010 Squarcella, Claudio (Roma Tre U, IT) Senior Engineering Manager at Sysdig
2007 Terrell, Jeff (U of NC-Chapel Hill) Professor of the Practice at U of NC-Chapel Hill Department of Computer Science
2005 Walha, Bhavjit (UC San Diego) Senior Product Manager at Amazon
2008-2010 Zhang, Min (Beijing Jiaotong U) China Telecom
2011-2013 Zseby, Tanja (Technical U of Berlin) Professor at TU Wien

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