Kimberly C. Claffy (kc claffy) Professional Biography


kc has been studying various Internet research topics since 1990, spanning topology, routing, traffic, economics, and policy. In 1993 she co-authored her first paper on proposed traffic management approaches to deal with congestion, in a paper entitled Mitigating the Coming Internet Crunch. In 1994 she published her doctoral dissertation on Internet traffic characterization, using public NSFNET traffic data. She established her research career, and a leading organization, in pursuit of rigorous analysis of the best available empirical data to inform our understanding of the Internet as a complex system, and to foster a rigorous discipline to guide scientific study of the Internet, despite the dearth of available empirical data about the public Internet as the infrastructure privatized. kc has published over 120 papers, most recently on Internet traffic classification, topology measurement and mapping, DNS evolution, economics, policy, and privacy-respecting data sharing. She has led several infrastructure and measurement projects that study of the Internet’s core infrastructure, focused on the health and integrity of the Internet’s topology, routing, addressing, and naming systems. More recently she is contributing to research and development of a new public Internet architecture based on the best available empirical data regarding the problems of the current Internet.

Expert testimony and advice

kc has given testimony and advice to FCC, DHS, NSF, DOE, FTC, OSTP, NSA, DARPA, and NIST, regarding how the public sector can best support measurable progress on our scientific understanding of current and future national information infrastructure. She has given invited talks on Internet topics at NANOG, ARIN, CENIC, QUILT, OECD, ISOC, IBM, NLR, Google, CENIC, Usenix, LISA, AUUG, RIPE, Pew, Terena, Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia.

Community Service

kc has presented at Internet operational and policy fora (e.g, NANOG, ARIN, IETF as needed) and many government agencies (DHS, NIST, NCS/DISA, DARPA, FCC, FTC, OSTP, NSA, GAO, NSF) on a variety of topics related to the past, present and future of the Internet, and often to share and discuss research directions and results of CAIDA activities with implications for the future. She generally leads 2-3 workshops per year. kc served on the NANOG (North American Network Operators Group) program committee for ten years (1996-2005), and also serves as a guest member of two of ICANN’s three primary advisory committees: SSAC (Security and Stability Advisory Committee) and RSSAC (Root Server Selection Advisory Committee). For over 3 years she has served on Internet2’s Research Advisory Council.

kc has served on program committees, published papers, or both, in all of the main conferences related to empirical Internet science: Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Passive and Active Measurement Conference, ACM SIGCOMM, Infocom. From 2004-2008 she served on the Editorial Board of IEEE Internet Computing.


  • Internet measurement infrastructure, data collection, and privacy-respecting data sharing;
  • Measuring and mapping attributes of the Internet related to infrastructure security and stability;
  • Future Internet Architecture research;
  • Ethics of information technology research
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