COMMONS Workshop Participants List

A special thanks to all the COMMONS Strategy Workshop Participants who provided many of the ideas, strategies, and expert analysis necessary to help make the COMMONS Project a reality.


  1. Dan Adelman (KDHX in St. Louis)
  2. Mark Ansboury (OneCleveland/OneCommunity)
  3. Kevin Barron (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics)
  4. Amy Blanchard (Cisco)
  5. Joshua Breitbart (Ethos Group)
  6. John Brown (IXNM -- Internet Exchange New Mexico)
  7. Aaron Burstein (Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, UC Berkeley)
  8. Michael Calabrese (New America Foundation)
  9. Brian Capouch (Indiana Farm Net)
  10. kc claffy (CAIDA)
  11. Peter Collins (City of Geneva and Illinois Municipal Broadband Communications Association)
  12. Gene Crick (TeleCommunity Resource Center and TISPA and FCC)
  13. Dharma Daily (Prometheus Radio)
  14. Ken DiPietro (NextGenCommunications)
  15. Susan Estrada (First Mile US)
  16. Harold Feld (Media Access Project)
  17. Laura Forlano (New York City Wireless)
  18. David Glynn (Cumberland Internet)
  19. Dewayne Hendricks (Dandin Group)
  20. JJ Jamison (Cisco)
  21. Phil Karn (qualcomm and
  22. Michael Lenczner (Ile Sans Fil)
  23. Casey Lide (Baller Herbst Law Firm)
  24. Michael Maranda (AFCN & CTCnet Chicago)
  25. Sascha Meinrath (CAIDA and CUWiN)
  26. Joseph Mouzon (Network for Good)
  27. Ralf Muehlen (SFLan)
  28. Ross Musselman (CUWiN)
  29. Tim Pozar (BAWUG/BAWRN)
  30. David Siles (Kane County Illinois)
  31. Dana Spiegel (New York City Wireless)
  32. Angela Siefer Stuber (CTCnet &
  33. John Sylvester (National Lambda Rail)
  34. Derek Turner (Free Press)
  35. Tom West (National Lambda Rail)
  36. Matt Westervelt ( & Seattle Wireless)