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1990-93   Ph.D. studies, Stockholm University.

1993   Ph.L. (Licentiate of Philosophy), Stockholm University, Sweden.
Ph.L. thesis:  Permutations of Tensor Products.

1992  European School of Group Theory, University of Twente, Netherlands.
1991    Ph.D. studies, Uppsala University, Sweden

1975-79  M.S. studies, Moscow State (Lomonosov) University.
  Major: Mathematics.

1979   M.S., Moscow State University.
      M.S. thesis:  Theorems in Linear Superalgebra.

1972-75  B.S. stidies, Moscow Institute for Transport Engineering (MIIT).
  Major: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.


1999- Senior Researcher, Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
(San Diego Supercomputing Center, UCSD).\\

1993-97  Visiting Scholar, Department of Mathematics, 
University of California, San Diego, USA.

1993  Visiting Scholar, Department of Mathematics, 
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 

1991  Researcher, Department of Geophysics, Uppsala University (Sweden).

1983-90  Institute for Mineralogy and Geochemistry 
of Rare Elements (Moscow, Russia):

1987-90  research scientist, seismic tomography project leader.

1983-87  software engineer, CAD project leader.

1979-83  Institute for Control Sciences (Moscow, Russia), scientist 
in the Laboratory of Parallel Computing.


1995  Lecturer in Calculus, University of California, San

1994-95  Organizing committee member, 
San Diego High School Honors Mathematics Contest.

1992  Assistant Professor (Theory of Algorithms and
Complexity; Linear Algebra), Uppsala University (Sweden).

1991  Organizing committee member,
32nd International Mathematical Olympiad 
(Uppsala and Sigtuna, Sweden).

1980-83  Associate Professor, Mathematics High School No.~57, Moscow.

1980  Assistant Professor, Summer School for Physics and Mathematics, 
Karelian Pedagogic Institute, Petrozavodsk, Russia.

1978  Organizing committee member,
Lomonosov High School Tournament in Natural Sciences and Humanities, Moscow.

1978-79  Senior teaching assistant, head of consulting group,
Moscow State (Lomonosov) University.

1972-80  Coordinator, Moscow High School Mathematical Olympiad.

1972-75  Instructor, High School for Physics and Mathematics 
at the Moscow Institure for Transport Engineering 

 List of publications and references available upon request.

                 BOOKS AND PAPERS

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  In Russian:

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               PERSONAL DATA

Languages: Russian, English, Swedish, German (fluent);
French, Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese (limited)

Membership: American Mathematical Society (AMS) 

Immigration Status: Permanent resident (green card)