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Staff Profile - Evi Nemeth
In memory of Evi Nemeth, mentor and friend, lost at sea since June 2013.


Evi came to CAIDA in 1998 while on sabbatical from the University of Colorado, and basically never went back home again. She has worked on the DNS measurements that CAIDA does for ICANN and has monitored traffic on the F-root server, and built up an experimental Internet Engineering Curriculum Repository to promote network education. Even after her retirement from University of Colorado, Evi visited occasionally to help out on various projects, but her true love was sailing her 40 ft. Nordic sloop in the Caribbean.

After June 4, 2013, Evi is presumed lost at sea while sailing aboard the historic schooner "The Niña" with six others. The crew left from the Bay of Islands in Northern New Zealand on May 28 for a 1,200 mile journey across the Tasman Sea. Our wishes go to our dear Evi and the families of all aboard.

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