The IPv6 Routed /48 Topology Dataset

This dataset contains information useful for studying the IP- and AS-topology of the IPv6 Internet. The goal of these measurements is to discover how much subnetting exists in IPv6 prefixes announced in BGP. For our purposes, a BGP prefix has subnetting if traceroutes to different addresses within the prefix yield different topology. This dataset consists of traceroute paths to the ::1 address (that is, the first non-zero address) within each /48 prefix obtained by splitting all announced /32 prefixes into /48's. Specifically, we split 6,200 /32 prefixes found in a RouteViews BGP table from 2014-11-13 into 406 million /48's (the full BGP table yields 5 billion /48's, which is too many to probe in a reasonable time frame, so we did not use any BGP prefixes shorter or longer than /32 when determining the set of target /48 prefixes).

The 406 million /48's were probed by a globally distributed set of 31 Archipelago (Ark) monitors between 2014-11-19 and 2015-02-27 using scamper to perform ICMP-based traceroutes using the Paris traceroute technique.

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