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COMMONS Recommended Reading List

Articles and documents relevant to the COMMONS project are gathered below as recommended reading. Items within a category are listed in the order they were added.

As this is a living, growing collection of documents, entries are expected to be added over time. We welcome suggestions of additions or annotations of the items listed.

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Papers from the Academic Networking Community


    This page presents CAIDA's degree-based and AS-relationship-based ranking of Autonomous Systems (AS)
  • Internet Identifier Consumption
    This page presents the results of a CAIDA study focusing on the rate of consumption of Internet identifiers.
  • (link not available)
    • high level NLR services map
      (note: you can zoom in on specific nodes for more detailed information)
    • Researchers guide
    • Operations center
    • Technical maps and documentation
    Internet2 has established the National Research and Education Fiber Company (FiberCo) to support regional fiber optical networking initiatives dedicated to research and higher education.
  • Democracy: Internet TV
    Democratic media projects
    A directory of public hotspots for finding Wi-Fi wireless Internet access network nodes
  • Wireless Network Visualization Project
    (mapping and visualization wireless networks)
  • WiFinder
    Wi-fi Hotspot directory
  • The 2006 ResNet Security Practices and Policies Survey

NSF Proposals

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