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Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
CAIDA hopes to inform future public policy by offering an objective analysis of questions revolving around IPv4 address exhaustion, allocations, concentration of address ownership, and IPv6 adoption. To this end, CAIDA makes available a collecting point of relevant resources in the form of a public Wiki.

Internet Identifier Consumption (IIC) Wiki

The CAIDA IIC Wiki is a publicly viewable resource on IPv4 address space exhaustion. To view the CAIDA IIC Wiki, no registration is needed, but those with permission to edit the documents must register an account first.

For a complete analysis, see IPv4 Address Space Concentration on the CAIDA web site at


We understand there to be some controversy regarding predictions of IPv4 address space exhaustion, and under ARIN sponsorship, CAIDA provides an independent analysis regarding possible future trajectories in address space exhaustion based on the best publically available data. This analysis includes some speculative inference regarding a range of possible responses to policy changes based on observed effects of previous policy changes, e.g., changes in multi-homing behavior.

We are also interested in projections of exhaustion of other resources, e.g., IPv6 address space and AS number exhaustion, as resources permit, as well as longer horizon analyses of the growing incongruities between the routing system and observed Internet topology. Central to CAIDA's mission is supporting the global Internet community with objective, empirically-based analyses in pursuit of the most enlightened Internet public policy possible.

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