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AIMS - Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
AIMS workshops are held to discuss the current and future state of active Internet measurement and analysis. An evolution of the Internet Statistics and Metrics Analysis (ISMA) workshop series, the intent of these workshops are to facilitate discussion among communities of academia, equipment vendors, and service providers, who share an interest in and incentive to understand one another's interests and concerns with Internet statistics and analysis.

AIMS Workshops

  • AIMS 2017
    Mar 2017 - Measurement Infrastructures
  • AIMS 2016
    Feb 2016 - Measurement Infrastructures
  • AIMS 2015
    Mar/Apr 2015 - Ark Infrastructure Support
  • AIMS 2014
    Mar 2014 - Mobile/Wireless Measurements
  • AIMS-5
    Feb 2013 - Creating, Managing, Analyzing Annotations of Big Data
  • AIMS-4
    Feb 2012 - Broadband Performance Measurements/IPv6-related Measurements
  • AIMS-3
    Feb 2011
  • AIMS-2
    Feb 2010
  • AIMS
    Feb 2009
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