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Publications - Networking Bibliography
An annotated bibliography of papers and presentations in the wide-area networking literature.

Note: This effort ended in 2013, but remains for historical purposes.

Examples of topics covered are:

  • interdomain routing (specifically, BGP)
  • Internet topology analysis, modeling, and simulation
  • traffic characterization
  • active and passive measurement

Examples of topics not covered are:

  • local-area networks
  • design, implementation, or operation of networking equipment
  • software engineering of protocol stacks in operating systems

Four main views of the the bibliography are available. Each view groups the entries according to a different attribute, such as date or author. Additionally, each view may be displayed with either abbreviated or complete citations.

Please select a view below:

|   Abbreviated Citations:    date    author    topic    publication   |
|   Complete Citations:    date    author    topic    publication   |

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